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Winter solstice brings with it the gift of light returning. The joy of lengthening days and the promise of spring blossoms yet to appear.

In the solstice, we are invited to breathe deeply. To dig deep into our own darkness to find the light of our humanity. In that light, we are invited to share our kindness, truth, beauty and Love.

May we all find hope in the dark nights of winter. May we all know peace.

Soul Gatherings


To be fully alive, fully human,
and completely awake is to be
continually thrown out of the nest.

~ Pema Chodron ~

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Artists Gone Wild Art Show & Sale a resounding success!

Thank you!

Our first Artists Gone Wild Art Show & Sale was an outstanding success thanks to both the artists and the art appreciators who came out to support and to acquire, to simply say hello or to bid on the Silent Auction.

Along with the Art Show, the Silent Auction in support of Calgary Alpha House Society raised over $1400! Thank you everyone who bid on the art works which were donated by the artists. And thank you to those who were successful in acquiring the piece they bid on — picking up and paying for your item quickly makes a huge difference!

Thank you also to the artists from the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre’s  —  Possibilities Project  — who not only shared their art and spirit but also helped with set-up and take down. Thank you The Artist Known as Bill and Ryan Delve. You made a huge difference!

And thank you also to the artists who all pitched in to make take down a fast and easy process. To Darrell and Charles and Gaylene — you not only supported the artists you love, you helped all of us! And to Margo and Jamie — wow! Your help both at set-up and take down was amazing. What remarkable young women you are.

Thanks again everyone!  Please watch this space, and your emails, for news and updates on what’s happening with The Basement Bombshells and our upcoming shows.

Artists Gone Wild – Art Show & Sale – May 9 & 10

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post card gone wild proof

Meet the Artists of the

Artists Gone Wild Art Show & Sale


Artists of The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Possibilities Project

diThe Possibilities Project was founded on the belief that nurturing creative expression, in its many forms, enhances personal growth and achievement.

The Possibilities Project creates opportunities for creativity for people experiencing homelessness. It creates opportunities to build a sense of self, have fun and find joy.

The Possibilities Project moves beyond the provision of basic human needs to ensure hearts and spirits are fed, along with bodies, so that each individual experiencing homelessness has the opportunity to discover themselves through participation in and enjoyment of art – individually and collectively.

Art celebrates life – inside and out. In the creative space of the Possibilities Project, each participant has the opportunity to delve into an inner world of possibility– a world other than the daily grind of homelessness.

All the art pieces shared with love are for sale. 80% of the selling price is given to the artist. 20% of the selling price is returned to the Possibilities Project, so other artists may express themselves.

Thank you for helping homeless Calgarians live, learn and thrive!



Allen Wiebe

Allen Wiebe is a wood relief artist who will be showing at Artists Gone Wild Art Show & Sale, May 9 & May 10

Several styles influence Allen’s wood relief art.

Digital StillCameraThe “Woodland Cree Style” along with Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven predominate. Throw in some Post Impressionism and a unique art form presents itself.

Watercolor on Maple throws off light filling the room with positive energy.

Recently Allen has tackled the dark side of First Nations residential school life.

Tension between First Nation and western culture is evident in the Spirit Window Series.

His work is expressive, unique and very engaging.






Jennifer Turner

In Jennifer’s own words…

Dust Bath

Dust Bath

The beauty of creation: few things in this world fascinate me as much as the diversity and intricate detail of scenery and creatures of all kinds. When I began drawing at 14, I used pen and ink, pencil and pencil crayons, amazed at what could be accomplished with these mediums. Many years later, I renewed my passion for art and began to paint with water-colours. Followed by oils.

With my work, I hope to help others see with clarity the wonderful variety of colours, textures and details that mark the work of our Creator, and these images are a reflection that we can enjoy every day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed “reflecting” them.






Harry Irving

hi paintingHaving started painting at a late stage in my life, I enjoy painting life experiences in watercolor. My subjects relate to my experiences packing and riding mules, skiing in the Rockies, cattle ranching on the prairies, portraits, along with miscellaneous city and coastal experiences. Training livestock has led to an interest in the portrayal of animals both domestic and wild. My paintings trend toward realism in watercolors using soft washed edges accompanied with strong sharp pigment.






Marquita Poulson

marquita 1Marquita developed a passion for drawing at a very early age;sketching came naturally to her and consequently her love of art continued into adulthood.

Marquita spent five years in London, England pursuing her goal to become an artist.

She attended City & Guilds of London Art School for three years, completing courses in life drawing and sculpture.

During these years she was also employed at John Pinches Medalists. Her position there was as an assistant to David Cornell, Sculptor. He greatly influenced and encouraged her in her studies. During Marquita’s employment she completed several coins and ingots; some of these commemorative pieces were presented to the Queen of England.

Marquita now lives in Calgary, Alberta where she paints full time. She is a member of the Calgary Sketch Club, Calgary Artists’ Society and Calgary Community Painters. In 2013 Marquita won the Margaret Shelton Juror’s Choice Award.

For more images visit website:www.calgaryartistssociety.com


Ginny May Brown

ginna may brown 2In 2007 Ginny May Brown retired from her long-time career as a trial lawyer following heart surgery. Her newly regained leisure time allowed her to rediscover her childhood love of drawing and painting. Acrylics were her new medium of choice. She has
redirected her energy, creativity and passion for painting in a new career.

Her approach to painting is free and unencumbered creating works that have natural colour and unity. Ginny is far removed from the reclusive painter image: she paints while enjoying passing conversation, or a background TV Sports game and with a glass of good local wine within a quick arm’s reach.
ginny may brown
The only limit on her painting environment is the need to keep the younger grandchildren away from her scattered paints around the house.









Sherry Phibbs

sherry phibbsI’m an eco-artist, author, workshop facilitator with an earth-friendly studio in the country. A few years, ago I came across the Project Nature Connect program. I am currently enrolled in my last class for certification in Eco-Art Therapy through Portland State University’s Extended education program, and my artwork expresses this connection to nature.

I work with a variety of media, as most pieces are mixed media, but prefer acrylics, watercolour, chalk pastel and inks in many combinations. The majority of work is on yupo paper, but I have recently moved to canvas and clayboard.







Lynda Megli

Lynda paintingLife is Beauty Full. That is why I am an artist! It is that simple. I see beauty everywhere and love to appreciate it through my paintings. I hope to draw others into the rich and varied world I experience!

My name is Lynda Megli. I paint predominantly in oils, and draw from a wide range of subjects. I have numerous paintings of the things that surround me and also enjoy depicting any subject that captures my imagination.

I have taken courses through the Alberta College of Art and Design as well as studying the work of other artists. The color and form of the works of Tom Thompson, Edward Hopper’s richly colored domestic scenes, Carol Marine, a quick study artist, among others have inspired me, and continue to help me grow as a painter.

I have numerous paintings in private collections, as well as supplying paintings for exhibits sponsored by Arts Alive, an art organization dedicated to promoting art in rural Alberta.

Born in Calgary, I have returned with my 3 children to the 105 year old country home near Linden, AB. where I grew up. Newly found domestic freedom has resulted in a return to signing my maiden name on my paintings.

Art honors the inherent beauty in life, allowing us to possess the ephemeral.

Bernard Duggan

The photos below are portraits in glass taken from the photo beside them. Each one has a ceramic clay and metal edged frame and they vary between 16″ and 20″ square. Solidly created for permanence.

Bernard can create portraits like these from practically any photograph. The subjects are instantly recognisable with or without the original photograph alongside.

These portraits are extremely detailed and finely worked which allows the portrait to be so easily recognised. They are not transparent as ordinary stained glass work is because the gaps between the pieces are minute in places as are the glass pieces and lead does not allow for the fineness that is needed to achieve the high quality of resemblance to the subject.

They are created to be hung as any other framed portrait.

Karol J Fodor

karol paintingKarol graduated from Sir George Williams College of Art in Montreal. His interest in design and architecture influenced his work in his early years and continues to be displayed prominently in his work.

His fascination with light and reflections of colours on objects creates a unique expressionistic world to this day. His use of vivid complementary colours, using transparent layers & glazes satisfies his artistic objectives.

Karol makes his home in Calgary, where he continues to create art that reflects his passion for abstract and semi realistic art.




Kate Howard

birches  kate howard

Birches — oil by Kate Howard




Kate is a Calgary artist who especially enjoys painting the Alberta landscape and finds the interpretation of seasonal changes both intriguing and challenging.

Light and landscape and the dramatic interplay of shadows – the effects of light upon form fascinate me. I have been painting principally landscapes in acrylic and oil and recently I have extended my interest to include the study of still life and experimenting with the magic of pastels.”

Barbara Fedor

barabar potteryFor as long as I can remember,  I always wanted to be a potter. I took my first class in the early 80’s, then waited more than 20 years to do more. I am now able to call myself a “potter” and I always look forward to “playing with clay.”
Favourite things to make are unique, textured and colourful. Whether on the wheel or hand-building, the process of working with clay is very satisfying and it feels like Christmas morning every time I open the kiln.


The Founding Bombshells

Tamara Zaleski

tamara 1Spontaneous- Reactive- Colour- Manipulation- Symbolic- Movement – Process

Sometimes play combines with visual stimulation as colours merge to create something that never existed before. But at other times, a conscious unawareness directs my hands resulting in magical topographies and landscapes.

Collage, abstract and realism are all in my repertoire. Pouring paint and uncovering the spontaneous unfolding treasure within, is my passion. Finding the perfect use for a photo or magazine image
moves recycling to the highest infinite plane.

For me, painting is more than meditation, more than relating to the Universe or God, it is an act of creation that expresses a direct connection to eternity through colour,  texture and movement.

To visit Tamara’s website — click HERE


Lynne Seaman

photo Lynne completed a B.F.A. and a B.Ed. in the early 1980’s. Since that time she has been teaching art students from grades 1-12. She is a member of the Calgary Artists Society and Basement Bombshells Art Collective. Lynne enjoys exploring ideas and techniques with other artists and this collaboration is inspiring and important in her artistic development.

The palette of her paintings usually begins with the primary colours, followed by the addition of light and dark to create movement. Lynne uses modeling paste and crackle medium with acrylic paint, as an under painting in many of her landscapes and abstract paintings. Very often the response to this preliminary process informs the final image or subject matter of her work.

Another motivation for her paintings is the “Great Outdoors”. Having grown up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and living in Alberta since, many of her paintings portray the rock, water, skies and trees that are iconic images from both areas.

turqoise skyLynne also creates abstract, block print portraits. She finds experimenting with colour and printing on unusual surfaces leads to many varied and interesting characteristics in her prints.

Conceptual art pieces are in development, as are clay slab vessels.




Louise Gallagher

Art is the Dance of Life

Let your heart take flightIf Louise Gallagher’s paintings could speak they would say, “Dance baby dance. Dance however you can, whenever you can, as often as you can. Dance baby dance.”

And so she dances – with paint, brush, palette knife, colour. She throws her spirit at the canvas, hurling her body into the air. She leaps into every opportunity to express her creative core and to inspire others to express theirs.

For Louise, life, like art, is a dance and in her dance, Louise aims to inspire others to let go of control, to give into being in the flow of life where joy rises up and washes over the soul of our humanity connected in this journey called life.

Louise’s art is an expression of her gratitude for life, for love, for joy, for beauty. And with every stroke, every splash of paint, every cursive line, she says, “Thank you. Thank you for the sun and the moon and the stars and the sand. Thank you for the light. For the darkness. For our shared human condition. Let us dance!”

to view more of Louise’s art, click HERE